Why and when do I need wheel balancing?

Almost all car owners know that the wheels of the car need to be balanced periodically, but not everyone knows how often it is necessary to perform this procedure. Is it necessary to rebalance after each bulkhead, or is it enough to resort to it only after replacing the tires? And in general, is it necessary to work with all the wheels – maybe the front ones will be enough? And how do I get in touch with the experts at the auto recycling company https://scrap4cash.com/how-to-scrap-a-car-in-toronto/?

Why do I need balancing at all
Your convenience and safety when driving directly depend on this process. If the wheels are not balanced, vibration will occur during the ride. It will not only cause discomfort to everyone who is in the cabin, but also accelerate the mechanical destruction of the suspension, tires, wheels.

Balancing directly affects the performance of the suspension. Without it, when developing a high speed, the car will begin to lose control, which can lead to an emergency situation.

In the process, experts will find out where the wheel mass is not enough, and add additional weight to it. Thanks to this, vibration during driving practically disappears, which prevents premature wear.

How it is performed
The task of the tire service employee is to remove the wheel imbalance that occurs when driving. The problem arises in cases where the mass of this element of the car is unevenly distributed over its size. To eliminate the imbalance, you need to place weights on the rim that compensate for the imbalance. The places for their installation are selected using a special machine. Then a computer comes into play, which analyzes the information about the characteristics of the wheel. There are several types of weights-made of different metals, different weights. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the specifics of the disk.

Most often, the front wheels are more unbalanced than the rear ones. But this does not mean that you can forget about the back of the car! Problems with it occur only at high speeds (from 120 km/h).

According to the method of placement, the loads are divided into printed and glued. The use of this or that variety depends on the type of disk. A printed version is installed on the stamped ones (it is fixed on the edge inside or outside). Adhesives are designed to be placed on cast and forged wheels. They are installed inside the disc, next to the spokes.

The printed version provides the best results in most cases, since the adhesive version reacts negatively to frost and temperature changes. There are cases when the cargo could not withstand such conditions and fell off. In addition, it can be washed off with a strong stream of water while washing the car.

When to arrive for balancing
Ideally, it should be performed both after the installation of new wheels, and after the completion of the bulkhead. It is recommended to perform the procedure as often as possible, since the car is constantly exposed to unbalancing loads. Most often, the problem occurs due to the wheels falling into the pit. A sharp impact causes the disc to deform, its center of gravity shifts, and the wheel can no longer perform its functions normally.

Another reason is a factory defect. Some cars are equipped with poorly manufactured wheels. The main problems are irregular shape, non-uniform materials, and problems with dimensions. Even dirt and stones sticking to the tread break the uniformity of the weight distribution!

The rear wheels also need to be balanced regularly, as their imbalance also leads to problems with the suspension, wheels and tires.

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Process features
Balancing requires following a few simple rules:

First you need to clean the wheel. If you work with dirty, there will be no effect – stones, sand and water will negatively affect the accuracy of measurements.
If the wheel has previously been subjected to such a process, the existing loads should be removed.
Balancing is a mandatory process for any car. Thanks to it, you will protect the wheels and other sensitive components from premature wear, and ensure comfort for yourself and passengers. If you do not pay proper attention to the process, you may experience problems with handling (especially at high speed). The procedure is performed after installing new wheels and each bulkhead. You also need to pay attention not only to the front, but also to the rear wheels.

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