What is the correct way to manually shift gears on an automatic transmission?

Automatic transmissions appeared in the second half of the last century, but initially such transmissions had only 2-3 gears, and the driver could not forcibly select the gear in which the engine was running. Only in the nineties the first automatic transmissions appeared, which had additional functions of imitating manual control of the box. It is about the peculiarities of using such a manual mode in the automatic transmission, and we will talk in this article. If the gearbox, engine and other parts of the machine do not work, it is better to give it for recycling: https://scrapmycarnear.me.

How to properly manually shift gears on the box “automatic”?

Automatic transmissions with manual control
For the first time the design of automatic transmissions with the possibility of manual control was used by the German company Porsche, in which such automatic transmissions were called Tiptronic. Subsequently, this name stuck, so even today many such automatic transmissions with manual speed change function called tiptronic.

Control electronics in such boxes tiptronic monitors the various parameters of the engine, including analyzing the engine speed. If the driver keeps the engine at high revolutions for too long, the automatics forcibly transfers the box to a higher gear, thus preventing critical engine failures.

Nevertheless, such manual mode cannot be named full-fledged, as automatics, if to keep the engine at high revolutions for a long time, makes the decision on activation of higher gear itself. But in this case, the driver has the opportunity to better realize the power of the engine, he chooses a particular gear himself, which allows you to feel confident behind the wheel, especially when driving on rough terrain.

Features of gear shifting
Mechanically, the steps on the automatic can be switched using the selector, which is shifted to the left in Drive to activate manual mode, after which moving the selector up or down can raise or lower the current gears. Sports cars today also have special paddles on the steering wheel, which can be used to change gears without the need to perform any manipulation of the selector box.

Correct Use of Automatic Transmissions with Manual Shift Function

Driving a car

Driving a car with such a tiptronic box does not represent any particular difficulty. In fact, all the driver needs to do is to start the car, press the brake pedal, press the selector button, which unlocks the box, and then activate Drive mode and start driving. Already in motion the selector can be moved to the left, putting the box in Manual mode.

Usually after activation of such manual mode the number with the current speed of automatic box is lighted up on the dashboard in a small window of the display. Then moving the selector up or down, the driver can increase or decrease the steps to better realize the dynamic characteristics of the engine. At the same time, the automatics constantly monitors the engine speed and the current speed, which eliminates the overload of the motor even if the wrong speed is selected.

Manually switch gears on the automatic is often required in the case when it is necessary to promptly accelerate and perform a quick overtaking. All that the driver needs to do in such a case is to switch the box into manual mode and reduce the speed by one step, which will immediately raise the revs, and the car will begin to accelerate sharply and quickly. Usually, once such overtaking is complete, the transmission is put back into Drive mode, after which the revs immediately drop to the optimum speed for that particular speed.

It is also often necessary to activate manual mode on the automatic in winter, which allows the driver to avoid slippage in deep snow, rolled ruts or when moving from a place on ice. Previously, it was very difficult to do this on conventional automatics, but with the advent of tiptronic control of the car has become much easier.

To summarize

Today, most automatic transmissions have manual mode, which allows the driver to choose the speed of the transmission at will. Most often this manual mode of the box is used when it is necessary to sharply accelerate or when starting in winter from deep snow and on a slippery surface. At the same time, the automation monitors all the parameters of the transmission, preventing its failure even in case of improper activation of some or other steps in the automatic transmission.

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