Tires for the car: peculiarities of choice

Car tires are the most sought-after accessory. A lot depends on their quality. Car tires affect the directional stability and controllability of the car. The selection of these products should be approached very carefully. Sometimes bad tires cause an accident and the need to use the service scrapping a car in ontario.

There are many manufacturers of automobile tires. Each company strives to prove that its products are the most reliable and qualitative. Choosing a tire, you should consider many nuances. First of all, you must decide on the size of rubber. In this article, we will talk about what should be good tires and how to choose them correctly.

What auto tires should be

Good tires must have a certain complex of properties. Before buying, you need to thoroughly study the technical characteristics of rubber. Car tires should:

– Have a high index of tensile strength;
– Have resistance to physical wear;
– Conform to existing ecological norms.
High-quality rubber is made from the best raw materials. In its composition add special components, which give elasticity, strength and durability. It is necessary to buy the right tire size. For example, you can buy rubber 185 65 R14. These numbers indicate the tire diameter, profile height and its ratio to width. The tyre size suitable for your car is specified in the technical documentation.

How to choose auto tires

To equip your car with good tires, you need to know a minimum of information about your car. To select tires you need to possess the following data:

– car model;
– year of manufacture;
– The name and series of the engine.
The information listed above is sufficient for buying tires. These data are specified in the technical documentation for the car. Particular attention should be paid to the indicators of the speed index and load capacity. They must not be lower than the tire models recommended by the car manufacturer.

Choose tires according to the season. It is strictly forbidden to ride on summer tires in the winter. They will not only wear out quickly, but also make your car unsafe to drive. Use specialized tires for winter driving. Winter tires can withstand sub-zero temperatures and have all the features you need to operate on a slippery or snowy road.

All-season tires are not the best choice for Ukrainian roads. These tires were designed for countries with mild winter. It is not recommended to use these tires in Ukrainian climate. On a very snowy road or a road covered with ice, all-season tires will be unstable. So we do not advise you to save money. It is better to buy two sets of rubber: summer and winter.

When choosing auto tires you should also take into account your driving style. For fast riding on the highway choose auto tires with a directional tread pattern. If you move around the city more, fit the wheels with asymmetric design. They are perfectly suitable for such conditions. Following these simple tips, you will be able to choose the best model of tires for your car.

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