Knocking in the suspension: how to find the cause?

Any car “survives” until the moment when knocks appear in the suspension, because the chassis wears out over time, regardless of the style of operation of the machine. However, it makes no sense to panic, because it is easy to find out the reason for the appearance of unpleasant sounds. There are several life hacks for this including scrap car removal etobicoke.

If “hello” is transmitted by the front suspension
If you hear noises in the front suspension, get ready for the fact that they can be created by worn ball joints, old shock absorbers, “tired” thrust bearing.

To find out the exact reason, you need to inspect and listen to the car. If you notice that the car has “sagged”, then the spring has broken.

To check the serviceability of the ball joints, suspend the machine on the shock absorber from the side of the problem wheel. Then rock the wheel away from you / towards you. Found a backlash? So it’s time for the balls to rest.

Support bearing knocking occurs when the machine is moving in a straight line. There is silence when you turn the steering wheel.

If the rear suspension “screams”
The rear suspension can also be flawed when knocking occurs. First you need to see if the exhaust pipe is in place. If the fasteners are reliable, then we proceed further: we look at the condition of the springs and stabilizer struts.

If you can’t find the reason
If, after previous manipulations, the cause of the noise is still not found, inspect the wheel bearing. Jack the car and spin the questionable wheel. If the bearing is good, scrolling will be quiet. But if not, then you will hear a hum.

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