From the history of automobile rims

The first pneumatic tire was invented by John Dunlop and Robert Thompson more than a century ago, but it is still in demand today, as all cars are equipped with it. Modernization of these products began almost immediately, but almost without affecting the design. And companies like are relatively new.

Only after dozens of years in the consumer markets appeared autodiscs (which managed to squeeze spoke products), familiar to all drivers, subsequently transformed into stampings of steel. The first disc products were simple, welded products of metal with different diameter and width with a different number of fasteners. Such a design of steel stampings have today, despite the fact that forged cast discs, offered on the website, in its development has managed to go far ahead.

The popularity of the two aforementioned models is due to their benefits. The main advantage of these products eclipses the financial benefits, and practicality of the installation of steel stampings, as it consists in creating a more prestigious image of the car. Affordable in quality and price, cast wheels used to equip racing sports cars appeared in consumer markets in the last century in the 30s. Aluminum was used to produce them. Nowadays, a budget-friendly alternative to them has become Replica products, which produce rims on cars of all known brands – in the form of high-precision copies, of course. You can find the aforementioned dumped variants of discs and cast light alloy products in any specialized online or conventional store. In spite of the fact that cast light-alloy constructions gain in weight, they lose in durability, because unlike stamped disks they have less deformation resistance.

These discs are virtually impossible to repair even in case of minor damage, as they break during restoration work. Later, along with aluminum alloy wheels, forged wheels began to be used, which have the same components as cast models, but in terms of performance data are closer to stampings than cast products. It is recommended to equip cars on our roads, as these wheels have good wear resistance and increased protective functions. They are able to withstand the harsh operating conditions in winter, when the roads are sprinkled with chemical aggressive substances.

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