All-wheel drive cars

All-wheel drive was at first the destiny of SUVs and heavy Aramaic trucks. It is understandable: the more wheels, the higher is the chance that at least one of them will reliably grip the traversed surface. But these days sedans, station wagons, minivans became all-wheel drive… Let’s discuss the sure advantages of all-wheel drive and its little drawbacks. You can surrender your old car with all-wheel drive in this company:

Four-wheel drive is useful not only in a dirt, simply many motorists have a poor idea about its other possibilities. They have become noticeably evident in relatively new vehicles, where traction is adjustable by axle and even by wheel. This is all, of course, done by clever electronics. Let us highlight a number of cases where the role of additional features can be key. First of all, it is some special cases, including driving on slippery roads:

Moving the car from a standstill – even when it doesn’t seem too difficult, having a power reserve can hardly hurt. Imagine that you need to sprint vigorously to avoid danger – for example, someone is about to hit you or something falls on your car. Two wheels are sure to spin, but four is a different story.
Acceleration dynamics – a four-wheel drive car often overtakes faster, and on a snowy track demonstrates even better stability. You will linger less in the oncoming lane – it saves your life sometimes.
Ups and downs. Just imagine, what may end up sliding the car under the traction on a steep slope. Turn around with the subsequent overturning – whether such prospects tempt you? In all-wheel drive the traction is evenly distributed, and the probability of such incidents is minimum.
The directional stability – the cars with a mono-drive are characterized by understeer or oversteer. It depends on which axle is leading. The all-wheel drive allows entering any turns easier, especially when its work is controlled by the smart electronics. It will add traction to this or that axle at the necessary moment, and in the most advanced constructions to a separate wheel.
If to speak about high speeds, the rules for slippery roads are correct here. The big tire drifts begin to affect here, and if to take into account the longitudinal and lateral forces on wheels, it is not so difficult to slide. If you believe the auto-racers, you feel about the same when driving on the limit as you do when driving in ice. You have to react accordingly.

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