5 simple tricks to take care of your car yourself

Caring for your car yourself can not only save you money on car maintenance, but it’s also easy to keep your car clean without having to go to expensive dry cleaners. Here are five tricks that will make car care easier. And if it’s too late to take care of the car. then call in the recycling specialists: https://scrapcar.cash.

5 simple self-care tricks

Keeping your car in tip-top shape
In order to keep your car in excellent technical condition you do not need to have it serviced at an expensive official service. Some works are quite feasible to perform yourself, including the change of antifreeze and engine oil, car filter, you will need to constantly control the level of technical fluids, change spark plugs and check the remaining wear of the brake pads.

Such work is not particularly difficult, so all car owners without exception will cope with its implementation. Of course, it is necessary to understand that it will be impossible to perform such service on a new, just bought in the salon car, because in such a case you risk to lose the warranty on your car. However, once the warranty is over, most of this service work can be done with your own hands.

Taking care of the car

It will be necessary to wash the body of your car as often as possible, especially since such work can be done independently, rather than turning to expensive car washes. To do this, you will only need to buy a special auto chemical, which is designed for washing the body, as well as for interior care, washing velour or leather seats.

Remember also that you can wash the car only at summer house or private house, but it is prohibited to wash the car under the house or at the river bank. In such a case, the driver risks getting a substantial fine from the environmental service.

Protection of car body against corrosion

The biggest problem for drivers is corrosion, which often appears on the metal elements of the body. To solve these problems it is necessary to constantly treat the body with anti-corrosion compositions, in particular increased attention is paid to fenders, sills and the bottom. This requires the use of special protective compositions, treatment with which is performed once every 1-2 years.

Proper storage of a vehicle

The ideal place to store your car is a well-ventilated and insulated garage. You may also park your car under a small shed, which is excellent for protecting your car from snow and rain, and the car will always be dry when it is outdoors, which partially solves the rust problem. You can cover your car only in the summertime, when the ultraviolet light in the sunlight causes problems. But in the rainy season, covering cars with a cover, we risk later to face the problem of corrosion on the body.

The simplest car body and interior care tricks

Proper interior care

To properly care for the interior you will need to use the appropriate automotive chemicals, wipe down the plastic panels and seat upholstery regularly. Make it a habit to do such work once a month, which not only allows you to keep the interior clean, but also eliminates such situations when the dirt penetrates into the coating, and later it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of it.

To sum up

In order to properly care for your car it will be necessary to use the appropriate car chemistry for the interior and body wash, treat the car against corrosion, competently store the car, and if possible perform self-maintenance of the car and change the oil and antifreeze with your own hands.

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