5 common mistakes that can ruin any car

The absence of various kinds of car malfunctions and problems during car operation will largely depend on how properly the car owner maintains the car, carries out its scheduled repair and operates it correctly, without overloading the engine and gearbox. Let’s talk in detail about what widespread mistakes car owners make, which quickly kill cars, forcing them to carry out complex expensive repairs and scrap cars for cash.

Not warming up the car in winter and summer
There are always heated debates about the necessity to warm up the car. Some argue that such a procedure was necessary only for old Zhiguli, while new cars, which use high-quality oils, do not require such warming up. However, in reality, even when using expensive synthetic grease, it is possible to ensure proper operation of the engine only when the technical fluid is well warmed up, and all nodes in the automatic transmission and engine are at their optimal temperature.

That is why most specialists still recommend warming up the engine, and this procedure should be performed not only in winter but also in summer. Proper warming up usually takes 2-3 minutes, and after the beginning of driving one should not increase engine rpm too much, only when oil and coolant reach their working temperature, it is possible to exploit the car without any difficulties.

Ignore the need to change the oil in the engine and gearbox
If you open the manual to any car, it states that the automaker will recommend to perform oil service in the engine every 15 thousand kilometers. But in reality it is necessary to change oil in the engine much more frequently, especially if the car is operated in a city, such work should be performed at the mileage of about 8 thousand kilometers. It will help to prevent caking of oil channels, and the engine will always be protected from wear and tear.

The same applies to automatic and manual gearboxes, in which the oil should be changed every 50-70 thousand kilometers. On new cars it is rather difficult to perform such procedure by yourself, it is necessary to apply to specialized service centers where they will perform all such work within several hours, and further on you will completely exclude any problems during exploitation of the engine and gearbox.

Car owners do not change the antifreeze
Coolant during operation may lose its properties, especially if it has not been changed for 3-5 years or more. In this case, it appears in the form of flakes, which clog the radiator. As a result, overheating occurs, and corrosion can form inside the motor. All that will have to be done to prevent power unit breakdowns is to change antifreeze every two years, using quality coolant.

Forgetting to check the tire pressure
The pressure in the wheels is not constant, the nipple may be trivial leaking air or depending on the temperature the air in the tires may change its volume. It is necessary to check the tire pressure regularly once a month, which will ensure optimal fuel consumption, prevent deterioration of driving comfort, excluding rapid wear of tire tread.

Regular service and inspection of the car
It is necessary to make it a rule to visit the service center once in six months and conduct preventive inspection of your car on an elevator. This will allow to replace the failed elements of suspension, while preventing the occurrence of serious malfunctions. Remember that it is much easier to remove different malfunctions, as soon as they appear, than to change half of suspension or to dissect and repair the engine later.

Let’s summarize.
While operating a car, car owners often make typical mistakes, which lead to the occurrence of car malfunctions. These typical mistakes include increased service interval for engine and automatic transmission oil changes, ignoring the necessity to change antifreeze, a car owner may forget about the necessity to check tire pressure, also once in six months you should take your car to a workshop and even if there are no symptoms of failure, perform its planned diagnostics.

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