The Opel automobile concern is widely known outside of its country, as are other German automobile brands. Their headquarters and the main production facilities are located in Germany. Cars of this German brand are popular in Russia, especially in recent years, during which Opel significantly raised the quality of its cars. You can turn them in to this company: https://scrapmycarnear.me/scrap-a-truck/.

To be sure of the popularity of the brand, it is enough to look at the roads of cities and pay attention to the cars that move through them. Opel will be glimpsed very often. Tuning, repair and maintenance of Opel has long been no problem in Russia and even after the temporary withdrawal of the brand from the Russian market there is a mass of workshops that specialize in this particular brand of cars.

But popularity is popularity, but there are interesting facts in the history of the company, which are still little known to car lovers. Let’s get acquainted with some of them:

Adam Opel began with the production of sewing machines, having received the necessary knowledge in France. In 1862, he built a factory in Germany and thirty years later became a leading manufacturer of sewing machines, selling them not only in his homeland, but also in other European countries, Russia and the United States.
The first vehicle manufactured by Opel was the bicycle. In 1884, Adam Opel first saw it at an exhibition in France, and only two years later began manufacturing bicycles at the plant in Rüsselsheim. Ten years later, the company was assembling more than 2,000 units per year.
The first car was created in close cooperation with the German designer Friedrich Lutzmann. Many of its parts were made of wood. Traction power was transmitted through a chain directly to the wheels, as there was no gearbox. It was a fully open car and it could run up to 12 km/h.
Since 1900, Opel entered into a contract with the French automobile manufacturer Darracq. As a result of cooperation, two years later, Opel switches from manufacturing under license to an independently developed car 10/12PS, which is able to accelerate up to 45 km/h. The first Opel emblem appeared on the grille of the model.
A few years later the company’s lineup is extended with a prestige 35/40PS with a more powerful engine. It allowed expanding its production and opening an office in Berlin. In 1914 the company came to the first place in car production in Germany.
In 1929, under the influence of the crisis Opel cedes its share in the company to General Motors Corporation and effectively becomes its subsidiary.
Since 1980, Opel has been a leader in introducing environmental standards to its cars. Its gasoline and diesel engines have the lowest emissions.
The Corsa is considered the best-selling car in its class.
Until 1972, Opel was the largest automobile company in Germany.
The company owns four plants in Germany and seven plants in Europe.

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